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Family Perspectives

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It’s the one thing that makes family businesses so distinct from their standard counterparts: the family itself.

And what a difference that one thing makes. Mixing family and business is somewhat like putting two different worlds together. Oftentimes, it works well. Sometimes, it’s tenuous at best. Just because it’s family doesn’t mean that establishing good working relationships comes naturally. It takes work, and lots of it.

In the following sections we provide insight into the unique nature of family businesses, the ways roles and relationships are established, cultural values are promoted, leaders are developed, and relationships in conflict are mended.

Roles & Relationships

This section provides information on the ways family members can work together in businesses, balance the demands of business and family, and create a happier, healthier family dynamic.

Cultural Values

Here we discuss the not-so-subtle role your family business culture plays and how you can utilize culture to create a productive workplace for everyone.

Conflict Management

In this section we explore the best ways you can help everyone involved in your family business avoid and resolve conflict.

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