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Conflict Management

Conflict happens in every family and in every business. But it happens especially in family businesses. After all, even the most harmonious of family businesses are complex, having found a precarious balance between work and family. Just one little nudge in the wrong direction is all it takes, and you have war. Managing conflict is no more important in any other kind of business than in a family business. Doing so the right way takes strategy, patience and practice, as well as ground rules that can help everyone avoid conflict in the first place.

In this section we explore the best ways you can help everyone involved in your family business avoid and resolve conflict.

Avoiding Conflicts in the Business Family

By Wayne Rivers
If you work with someone eight hours a day it’s only natural that there are going to be rubs and tensions which develop in the working relationship. The strains are highlighted when you have to sit across the table from them for Sunday lunch. 

Conflict in Family Businesses

In family businesses, there are even more causes of conflict than in any other kind of business. Learn what those reasons are so you can develop strategies to avoid conflict.

Rules of Engagement: How to – and not to – facilitate workplace conflict resolution

There is a right way to resolve conflict in a family business. This article takes you through the process step by step.

Tame Your Family Business Conflict

Conflict is sure to arise in your family business, but there are ways to avoid conflict altogether. This article provides guidance on ways you can avoid conflict in your family business.

Fairness in the Family Business

In family businesses, emotional family bonds can affect business decisions such as those that affect the ascension of the junior members of the family in the business. This article describes the associated pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Creating Law and Order in Family Business

Without rules and policies in place, family businesses increase the risk of poor hiring practices, unfair compensation practices, non-family employee resentment and much more.

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