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Cultural Values

A workplace is so much more than job functions and productivity. It’s about relating to and creating a community with those around you. What that community, or culture, is like is up to the family business leaders, those who dictate the values, the formality and the openness of the business environment. All too often, family business leaders are unaware of the kind of culture they have created in their firm – and are also unaware of their own effect upon it. But because culture can affect productivity, turnover, morale, ingenuity and so much more, getting a handle on your family business culture, and changing it if needed, is imperative.

The following articles discuss the not-so-subtle role your family business culture plays and how you can make a culture work for everyone.

Your Family Business Culture – What It Is and Why it Matters

The culture of your family business, whether you know it is there or not, is made up of several components that ultimately affect productivity and morale. Learn more about what goes into your workplace culture.

Identifying and Understanding Your Family Business Culture

Depending on the size, age and kind of family business yours is, your workplace culture can take a variety of forms. Learn about the different kinds of workplace culture and how they affect business.

Developing Your Family Business Narrative

Learn about the unexpected benefits of documenting your family business story.

Effecting a Culture Shift in Your Family Business

If your workplace culture is less than desirable, there is something you can do about it. This article explains the steps you can take to create an effective shift in your family business culture.

Shared Vision

by Leslie Dashew
When members of a family understand that they are all trying to achieve the same objectives and they recognize their interdependence, they take better care of their relationships.

The Hard Work of Mission Statements

Drafting a mission statement is one of the most fundamental and yet most important things you can do for the strategy of your business. This article can help get you started on creating a mission statement that is truly meaningful and relevant.

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