Saturday, April 10, 2021
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The idea of legacy is age old. From the beginning of time, people have cherished the dream of building a legacy, a story that lives on for generations to come for the family and the community. For many people, legacy is a family business, and the wealth built by that family business. It doesn’t come naturally, however, even for successful family businesses. Ensuring that your family business legacy lives on for future generations takes careful preparation and attention to the smallest detail.

The following articles provide guidance and tips for helping to ensure that your family business and the wealth it has generated lives on for generations.

Assuring a Legacy Fulfills Intended Mission 

By: Ron Dohr 

Ensure Your Business Lives Longer Than You Do

Contributing Source:, “Succession Planning” by David Thayne Leibell

Developing Your Family Business Narrative

Grant D.Goodvin J.D

Shared Vision

by Leslie Dashew

Special Delivery – Your Estate Plan Documentation

Contributing Source:

In Trusts We Trust

Contributing Source:

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