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Commercial Lending at Broadway Bank

The Broadway Bank middle market lending team has extensive experience with providing credit solutions to firms with larger credit needs in many different industries.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Broadway Bank can offer a full spectrum of commercial real estate and construction financing—from short-term to permanent.

Owner-Occupied Commercial Mortgages
Financing for purchasing, refinancing or expanding commercial, industrial and office properties.

Investment Real Estate
Financing for land development, construction and income-producing property.

Commercial Construction Loans
Fund a broad range of property types, including residential, industrial and retail.

Acquisition and Development Loans
For raw land infrastructure development.

Land/Lot Loans
Purchase a lot for future construction.

Commercial Interim Loans
Short term (2 years or less), bridge or project-type loans.

Commercial Lines of Credit

For seasonal or variable working capital demands.

Commercial Term Loans

For major expansion intitiatives, fixed asset purchase or permanent working capital.


If you have a question about any of these services or want to know what Broadway Bank can do for your business or family, call 210.283.6500 or toll-free 800.531.7650.


Loans subject to credit approval.

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