Saturday, April 10, 2021
Helping Family Businesses succeed.

Human Resources

Family businesses often have difficulty managing their human resources, especially when it concerns a family member or the transition from the founder to the successor. With close to 80 percent of U.S. employees work for family-owned or family controlled companies it’s critical for HR leaders to understand the uniqueness of family businesses and their many challenges. 

Bonus Incentive Plans for Employees: What's the Point?

The purpose of installing a bonus plan for your employees is to motivate them to help you pursue your goals.Whether your goal is to sell to a third party, transfer the business to children or to employees, or to retain ownership long-term, the success of your strategy may depend on the presence of motivated, high-performing key employees.

Your Human Resources Strategy

A strategic plan without a human resources component may not be very strategic at all. This article can help explain the importance of integrating human resources into your overall strategy.

Performance Management Systems Should Include Family Employees

by Leslie Dashew
Managers who evaluate family members' performance need the business leader's support and encouragement.

Retirement Plans for Family Businesses

More than one million small businesses with 100 or fewer employees already offer workplace retirement savings plans – and offering retirement plans to your employees offers several advantages to your family business, not only to your employees.

Creating Law and Order in Family Business

Without rules and policies in place, family businesses increase the risk of poor hiring practices, unfair compensation practices, non-family employee resentment and much more.

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