Saturday, April 10, 2021
Helping Family Businesses succeed.


Of course your business needs insurance for its assets – its real estate, inventory and other property. But the realm of insurance for your family business goes much deeper. At least it should. Because family businesses are all about people, you should carry policies for key leaders as well. It’s peace of mind you and your business need.

The following information is provided to help you determine how to best insure your family business and the things – and people – most important to it.

How Life Insurance Can Help Ensure Family Business Stability

As you grow your family business, you envision it lasting for generations. However, that takes more than just a vision. It takes planning.

The Keys of Key Person Insurance

Does your family business have an insurance policy on the person or people most important to its success? This article explains why it should – and how.

Building a Family Business Legacy with Continuation Planning

Family businesses are especially susceptible to being broken up after the death, disability or retirement of a business founder. But with some careful family business continuation planning, you can help ensure that doesn’t happen to your business.


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