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As a member of the Family Business Resource Center you have access to our panel of financial experts who specialize in the areas of expertise listed to the right. Your question will be answered to you directly at the email address in your member profile. Those questions and answers that are relavent to all of our members will be posted in the Q & A section.

As a security precaution do not include bank account or social security numbers within the text of your question. If your question is chosen for posting on the website, prior to posting all personally identifiable information will be removed and you will be notified.

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Collective expertise of business professionals and other specialists, include leadership, strategic planning, business succession, process improvement, banking, finance, real estate, oil & gas, and more; such as

Ken MichaudKen Michaud
Family Business Resource Center Manager

Shawn Hughes - Family Business AdvisorShawn Huges, SVP
Group Manager

Steve York, GRP EVP
Commercial Banking Division Manager

Scott Matlock, SVP
Business Banking Manger

Suzanne Goudge
Broadway Bank

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