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Part of your family business strategy may be growing the business directly through increased sales. But another strategy for growth can, and should, be in making sound investments for your business. Investing can be as simple as picking an index fund or as complex as you wish to make it. However you chose to do it, whether by way of an intricate or a simple approach, investing wisely can help add value to your business, help you make smart tax moves and more.

The following articles will shed light on just a few of the ways your family business can invest its excess cash to create opportunities for growth.

Investment Management Group - Review & Outlook Newsletter, 2nd Quarter 2016

Market overview and economic review. (.pdf file)

The Power of Compounding or... TURBOCharging your Investments

by Brian Korb, PH.B., CFA, CFP
You may have heard that starting to save earlier in your life will increase the likelihood of achieving your long-term goals, like retirement.

Are Alternative Investments for Me?

by Greg Dunn and Dolores Wheless
Have you ever found yourself frustrated because the traditional stock and bond investments don’t meet all of your investment needs?  Do you want less volatility in your overall portfolio? Do you wonder what to do about inflation?

Investing in Precious Metals: A Golden Opportunity?

From gold and silver to platinum and caladium, investing in precious metals has been gaining in popularity, but is it right for you? Read on to learn more

Strategies for Tax Planning: Options, Puts and Calls

Interested in investing beyond the basics? More seasoned investors – or investors looking for a challenge – will want to learn more about these investment options.

Business Vehicles: Lease or Buy?

Even what your business uses to transport its people and goods is an important investment. This article can help you decide how to make that investment a smart one for your business.

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