Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Process Improvement

When engaged in true process improvement, you will seek to learn what causes things to happen in a process and to use this knowledge to reduce variation, remove activities that contribute no value to the product or service produced, and improve customer satisfaction. A team examines all of the factors affecting the process: the materials used in the process, the methods and machines used to transform the materials into a product or service, and the people who perform the work.

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Process Value and Waste in the Family Owned Business

All family businesses have processes – some valuable, some wasteful. Read this article to learn more about process value and waste.

Implementation of a Continual Process Improvement Program

Implementing a continual process improvement program requires buy-in, resources and a cooperative spirit. Learn how to make it happen.

Process Improvement Methodologies

Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management and 5S have vastly improved many organizations’ processes. Read on to learn how these methodologies work and how you can implement them.

Quality Management and the Relationship to Process Improvement

When your family business manages the quality of its processes, it is also managing the quality of its products and services. This article expands upon the relationship between processes and quality.

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