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Have a Question? We can help. click to Ask an Expert.
Have a Question? We can help. click to Ask an Expert.

We know the customer is always right! So at Broadway Bank we make sure our customers have all the tools in their arsenal to have an optimal banking experience. Our customers are active participants in the business process since it begins and ends with them. Most customer-driven business processes begin when customers communicate their needs. It could be as simple as placing merchandise on the counter in front of the cashier, telling the barista what kind of coffee they want or handing a deposit slip and check to a teller.

Since customers are a part of the process, they also contribute to its quality and efficiency. If you order a sweater online as a gift and don’t enter the correct shipping information, you may end up with an unsatisfactory customer experience when your package ends up at the wrong address.

To help us deliver the highest quality service, please take note of our top five tips for avoiding delays, redos or mistakes:

1 | Make accuracy a priority
Submit information in an accurate and timely manner, compliant with laws and regulatory guidelines. Make sure to enter all information completely to ensure your service is delivered in the most efficient and value-added way.

2 | Learn our self-service tools
When opening an account, our representatives will do their very best to explain the features and functions of our online and mobile self-service tools. For customers conducting common banking activities, these service channels are a convenient alternative to visiting or calling a Financial Center.

3 | Properly endorse items presented for deposit or cashing
Items that are not properly endorsed may be held temporarily until the paying institution accepts the item. This can result in a delay of funding or only partial funds availability.

4 | Have the required identifying information ready when calling our customer service center
We are committed to safeguarding customer personal and financial information. Properly identifying customers who aren’t physically present to show ID is a critical step in putting your security first in the customer service experience. When calling our customer service center, our representatives are required to request enough information to satisfy proper identification requirements.

Their questions may include: name, date of birth, last 4 digits of Social Security number, address, names of other signers on your accounts, details of loans you may have with us, recent transactions with your debit card, mother’s maiden name, or the Financial Center you used to open your account.

5 | Fill out forms legibly and completely
Our transaction systems use technology that scans deposit/withdrawal slips and negotiable items to process information in the quickest way possible for the customer. When our scanners can’t read these items because of illegible writing or improperly entered information, the item has to be manually researched and corrected. This leads to processing delays and additional costs.

Below is a snippet from our scanner manuals that shows the best way to fill in information on our forms.

Enter the correct information on the internal document legibly, inside each box, forming the characters (or as closely as you can) as shown below:

Other things that can help us help you!

  • Enter the proper routing numbers when requesting wires or ACH transactions.
  • Follow provided scanning instructions for remote deposit capture (RDC) on commercial accounts.


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